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The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy

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Have you ever known the most effective marketing communication strategy which is used across the countries? This strategy will never be obsolete with the times despite the insistence of IT that is so swift. This strategy is known as Word of Mouth (WOM) or language of mouth.

Word of Mouth (WOM) advertisement is free-of-cost marketing where the customers of a brand allowed to share their feedback and experience about a product or service or a brand with their family relations, peers, or their social community. This is the most reliable and credible form of marketing which lead by the customers itself.

Currently, WOM is starting to be used by well-known brands which have loyal customers. In marketing communication through advertising, these brands are stronger for reviewing WOM strategy than talking about the brand itself. Thus, having a positive WOM is crucial as people are generally prefer to trust other people’s words especially when they are interested to make a purchase transactions such as online transactions.

Right now, the application of WOM strategy is really varied. You can choose public figures who have many followers, or individual who have the influential role in the society so that the customer trust towards your brand is getting stronger.

One of the key reasons that WOM exists due to people enjoy sharing their thoughts and experiences to other people. It would be make sense that generating an emotional response in your customer is more likely to cause the sharing of WOM. So, please ensure that the emotional reactions that you generate as positive as possible.

The implementation of WOM could be in the form of customer’s positive recommendation towards your brand, then they started to talk about your brand to their family relationship, or their social community turns out to help your brand in gaining the purchase engagement and boost the sales as this recommendation have more favourable attitude towards your products.

Starting with develop your brand loyalty! If your customers are happy and feel satisfied with your brand’s product or services, they will engage in WOM advertising. Keeping them become loyal to your brands will stay for the long-term and become an advantage for your brand as well.

Buying and selling cycle without WOM is nothing!

By: Gusti Harjomulyo Siswanto, President University-MBA Tech

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